Vegan for a Day – Dr. LJ’s latest Daytime appearance

Have you ever considered cutting back on animal protein?  In this segment of the Daytime show I discuss the “flexitarian” approach of going a day or two a week without any meat or animal products, what is called a “vegan” lifestyle.  I also make some very tasty and easy recipes – you can find thes recipes for the vanilla almond milk and “TLT” sandwhich  at this link.  If you want a longer version of how to make nut milk, check out the Video Lessons tab at the top.   We also have some versatile nylon and hemp bags for making your own nut milk at home in our online shop.   You can also learn more about the enormous environmental benefits of the “Meatless Monday” initiative 0n their website.

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In Volume I of Raw Fusion: Better Living Through Living Foods, I approach the question “To Veg or Not to Veg” with sensitivity and insight. There are many fantastic meat-free recipes in both Volume 1 and 2 of the Raw Fusion Living series.   Deciding whether to give up or curtail your meat intake is very personal choice, and one only you can make for yourself.  An article that just came out yesterday (July 18, 2011) — one of many that have appeared over the past couple of years — cautions about the dangers of a meat-centric diet:  Eating Meat Linked To Disease, Report Says.

What are your thoughts about veganism and vegetarianism?

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Author, therapist, raw foods chef, natural wellness expert, and creator of Worksite Wellness and Heart Healthy Living, Dr. Rose has over 25 years of experience as a hypnotherapist. She has published numerous books and has appeared on Daytime TV and over 75 eHow videos. Most recently, she has pioneered an affordable online Holistic Health & Life Coaching program and S-Tox™: A Smarter Way to Detox.

Your thoughts?

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