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Wednesday July 25th pH Philosophy and Sensible Sweeteners webinar – listen to the recording here:


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Learn tips and techniques for optimizing your nutrition, healthy weight management and mind mastery in this free introductory webinar with health advocate and expert, Dr. LJ Rose, creator of Raw Fusion Living.

You can access from anywhere in the world! This first series is designed to cover the different time zones in the continental US but we plan to offer more variations for other worldwide time zones.

Invite your friends and family for cutting edge info and mind-provoking topics:

  • Eye-opening, scientific facts about foods, health and nutrition
  • Easy Tips, Tools and Techniques to maximize your family’s nutrition
  • Mind Mastery Dynamics
  • Intro to the Raw Fusion Lifestyle
  • Enlightening Diagram of the Subconscious Mind


You should also be able to send in questions and interact with video clips and information. (of course we are just getting acquainted with this hosting program and software

FIRST OPTION – Tuesday, June 19th 8 pm EDT.
SECOND OPTION – Wednesday, June 20th 7 pm EDT.
THIRD OPTION – Thursday, June 21st 10 pm EDT.

Visit my Meetings page at Any Meetings and choose the one that fits best into your schedule. Make sure to register early as we are limited to 200 per webinar.

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Author, therapist, raw foods chef, natural wellness expert, and creator of Worksite Wellness and Heart Healthy Living, Dr. Rose has over 25 years of experience as a hypnotherapist. She has published numerous books and has appeared on Daytime TV and over 75 eHow videos. Most recently, she has pioneered an affordable online Holistic Health & Life Coaching program and S-Tox™: A Smarter Way to Detox.

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