Dr. LJ in Arizona November 15-18 – 3 Raw Fusion Events

Raw Fusion Recipes, Tips, Tools and Techniques to Supercharge your Health

Raw Fusion Living is a philosophy and practice that created by Dr. LJ Rose, author, therapist and wellness chef,  blending the incredible health benefits of the raw foods lifestyle with the comfort and convenience of mainstream meals.  It involves Daily Recipes for Life – and an integrating of body, mind and spirit.

Dr. LJ will be facilitating 3 events in the Greater Phoenix area, including a full 5 course dinner (Pomegranate Cafe), multi-dimensional workshop (Storm Wisdom) and book signing/lecture (Changing Hands).  If you are in the area, these are extremely information and palate-pleasing!  Please share this information with any friends/family in the area.

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The first event is on Thursday, November 15th at Pomegranate Café.   This is out in Awahtukee.   A  vegan, gluten-free Dine and Discover where there will be a full multi-course Raw Fusion meal made right in front of the guests along with a lot of informational material.

Here is the exciting menu for a 5 course dinner prepared right in front of you!
Tropical Treasures Slushie
Curried Kale and Apple Salad
Green and Red Walnut Boats
Raw Fusion Sweet Potato Plum Roast
Pistachio Ice Cream and Chocolate Candy Shell
The cost will be $45 per person.

Here is the link for reservations.

On Friday, November 16th at Storm Wisdom.  7 pm This is a 2 hour multi-layered workshop teaching you the basics of Raw Fusion as well as techniques on how to engage the mind for instilling positive, life-affirming habits.  Dr. LJ will also demo/serve:

Green Smoothies, Raw Fusion Sunflower Seeds, Sweet and Savory Sesame Salad and  Chocolate Coconut Truffles. 

Suggested donation $20.00

On Sunday, November 18th – Changing Hands 3-4:30 pm in Tempe.   A presentation/book signing on the Raw Fusion Philosophy and Lifestyle  This is a free event and I will also demo green smoothies and serve truffles

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Author, therapist, raw foods chef, natural wellness expert, and creator of Worksite Wellness and Heart Healthy Living, Dr. Rose has over 25 years of experience as a hypnotherapist. She has published numerous books and has appeared on Daytime TV and over 75 eHow videos. Most recently, she has pioneered an affordable online Holistic Health & Life Coaching program and S-Tox™: A Smarter Way to Detox.

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