15 favorite best healthy chocolate recipes

Chocolate giant Hershey has said it will transition to simple ingredients and that “[f]or ingredients that may not be as simple, we will explain what they are”. You don’t need to hold your breath, though, because with Dr. LJ’s delicious raw fusion recipes, you can easily make your own healthy chocolate comfort foods using the ingredients you trust and choose.

Check out the mouth-watering chocolatey round-up below the fold:

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Best Healthy Chocolate Recipes

No Kiddin' S'MoresNo Kiddin’ S’Mores Chocolate hazelnut dream pieChocolate Hazelnut Dream Pie Chocolate cakeNo-Bake Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Chia Coulis
Carob Crispy CandyCarob Candy Crispies Raw vegan chocolate hazelnut spreadNewtella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Banana creme pieEasy as Banana Creme Pie
Lover's parfaitLover’s Parfait with Vanilla Creme fodmap cookies (2)Chocolate Chip Cookies (v2) Peanut butter joy bitesPeanut Butter Joy Bites
Mocha fudgeMocha Walnut Fudge Chocolate kale chipsCrunchy Chocolate Kale Chips Figgy Energy Balls
Green fusion barsGreen Fusion Energy Bars Chocolate puddingMagical Chocolate Pudding with Candy Shell Black bean cookiesChocolate Cappuccino Cookies

What is your must-have chocolate recipe?

From chocolate cakes to chocolate cookies, we’ve got it all. What is your favorite chocolate raw fusion recipe, either listed here or not? Share it in the comments below. We also accept requests, so let us know what chocolate treats you can’t live without, and we will consider developing a substitute recipe and posting it!

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