Carrot-Almond-Kalamata Spread – Unlikely Yet Delicious Combination

carrot almond kalmata

Sometimes I just play around with foods that I have available or what I am craving at the moment.  One day I had some soaked almonds that I was going to use to make milk but I wanted to make some kind of meatless pate for dinner to pair with some flaxseed crackers I had mad the day before.  I was also craving the earthiness and saltiness of olives and had a jar of pitted kalamata olives.  I thought that maybe blending them up with some carrots might be interesting and it really was tasty!  The most interesting thing about this was that my 16-year old goddaughter, staying with me at the time also loved this spread!  I have since introduced this to attendees of my raw and raw fusion classes here in Tampa and it’s been popular.

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Make sure to start out with raw almonds and soak them for at least eight hours (10-12 for nuts is preferable).  It doesn’t matter if you leave the skins on.  Soak your nuts and seeds accomplishes 3 great enhancers: 1) softens the texture so that you can make mylks, spreads, puddings, cremes etc.; 2) removes the anti-nutrients from the skin/peel as those block absorption of all the “good stuff”; and 3) the act of soaking and germinating awakens more of the inherent micronutrients in the seed/nut/grain/bean and increases the bio-availability.

Carrot-Almond-Kalamata Spread

Vegan-Grain & Gluten Free

¾ cup of raw almonds, soaked
½ cup of pitted kalamata olives
2/3 cup of carrots, peeled and chopped into chunks (or use baby carrot
1 tsp. dried rosemary

Optional: Add 1 TB of either cold-pressed olive oil or raw tahini to make it creamier

Soak almonds for 8-12 hours, drain and rinse. Place carrots in food processor and process until they are pretty well broken down. Add olives, rosemary and tahini and process until you have a paste-like consistency. Add almonds and pulse until blended but keep kind of chunky.

Serve as a dip for crudites or as a spread base for lettuce or collard wraps.  Also great for crackers.

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