Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Spirit

On S-Tox, you'll enjoy three meals plus snacks every day!

Delicious Real Food You Enjoy on the S-Tox

Group “S-Cleanse” Experience May 26th – May 29th

Internal “Spring Cleaning” – There’s Power in Numbers!

We have sponsored several Master Cleanses, Green Smoothie Experiences and Group Juice Fasts through our website and Facebook page. Before we leave the spring season, why not add an internal cleaning to your seasonal dusting and reorganization? This time I’d like to introduce you to a whole new paradigm in fasting – the S-Tox. Detox without Deprivation.   To see my latest blog on “Extending Spring Cleaning to Body, Mind, Spirit” visit here.

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Doing a periodic cleanse does wonders for your body, mind and spirit!  It’s like a virtual reset button that enhances your energy, rejuvenates your skin and other organs at the cellular level, clears your mind and gives you an overall boost in self-confidence.

Physically, it helps reduce inflammation by ridding the body of toxins and free radicals.

Mentally, you are affirming that you want to recommit to healthier eating and not let your emotions interfere with your food choices.

Spiritually, you become stronger by challenging and honoring yourself in the cleansing process.

An alliance is formed between body, mind and spirit to help you become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

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Whether you’ve ever done a fast or thought about doing one, it’s an admirable and proactive choice, as it’s not an easy thing to do. You have to gear yourself up to deal with minor discomfort and feeling hungry and irritated. That’s part of what makes it so powerful, as you are building up your mind power by facing down that inner voice that wants to make your quit.

How the S-Tox Came Into Being

Each year my goal is to have one cleanse sometime between new year’s and start of spring.  Then I do the second one as a kind of “Fall Clearing” in September or October.  I started putting the S-Tox together when I realized much much I dread feeling hunger pangs and deprivation; As I have learned so much about nutrition and whole foods over the years so I was able to put together my own recipes and guidelines.  Every time I followed this regime for 4 to 10 days, I felt that I got all of the benefits of doing a cleanse, but I never felt hungry or deprived; In fact most days I did not even want the snacks.    As everything I was substituting for my own gentle detox started with an S. the name occurred to me.


One of the amazing snacks you get to have on the S-Tox!

One of the amazing snacks you get to have on the S-Tox!


Guidelines to doing a gentle detox:

NOTE:  You can sign up for our online program where you receive all the guidelines, outstanding recipes, daily motivation AND one-on-one coaching.   Or follow along at your own pace.  (You can source many recipes right on this site or through a search)


FOODS TO AVOID:  Dairy (including eggs), cheese, grains, breads, animal protein, caffeine, bottled salad dressings

EACH DAY HAVE THE FOLLOWING (you can vary the sequence from the one listed below):

1 green smoothie (leafy greens, celery or cucumber) with fruit/veggies, water, ice  – 16 oz.

1 salad or  (large plate or bowl) with a simple dressing of citrus or vinegar, olive or sesame oil

OR 1 bowl of soup (made without dairy – you can use cashews to make it creamy)

1 shake made with almond or hempseed milk, ice, and flavorings of your choice

2 small snacks (dried fruit, a handful of almonds, vegan truffle, kombucha)

Lots of water and herb tea throughout the day.


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