21 Day Challenge – What’s For Breakfast?


Tomorrow (Monday, July 11th) we begin our 21 days of eating mainly raw foods.  Does that feel intimidating?  Well, any time you change the way you eat dramatically, it IS a challenge.  But there’s no pressure – just follow along at your own pace.

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Even if you use these 21 days to add a Green Smoothie to your daily food intake, that is an amazing accomplishment! 

You can go as simple or sophisticated as you’d like:  We will be providing lots of recipe suggestions and if you have any of my books, choose from there.  There are also so many recipes on this website, so do some looking around.  You can just buy a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and eat as many as you’d like of those.  For instance, if you love mangoes – have several of them until you feel full.  This is called “mono-eating”.

A great way to start your morning is by having a Green Smoothie.  I have so many blogs about these – just putting those words in the search box you will find many tips and points of view.  Watch this video below and check out the recipe page listed for great combinations – but also try your own!

Here are my 3 favorites:   a)  Raspberries + Bananas + Spinach    b) Pineapple + Strawberries + Mango + Cilantro and c) Green apple + Kale + lemon + ginger + cucumber

Make sure to vary your greens – any greens, including herbs can be used (although iceberg lettuce doesn’t have many nutrients.)  You can also use frozen fruits in your smoothies!  And – if you prefer a “Salad-Style Smoothie” that’s fine, too!

Other Breakfast Options:

So, we are not doing toast, cereal, eggs, etc on the Challenge, but here are a few great ideas that I think may become go-to’s for you following these 21 days.  You will also find more options on my site, in my books and googling “raw Food breakfast ideas”.

Morning Sunshine Breakfast Porridge

sunshine 3 (800x618)

This one is a real winner!  Have some raw cashews on hand as you can make cashew milk so simply and it doesn’t need straining!  The other option is to soak unsweetened shredded coconut, blend it and strain (via strainer or clean dish towel.)  I will share links for making other nut milks.  You can buy packaged but those are very processed.  This is so delicious and satisfying.  Loaded with protein and Omega 3’svia the chia seeds, too.  To get the recipe click on the name of the dish above the photo.



Mango a la Mexicano

mangomexicanoSimple and perfect – just mango, celery, lime juice and a dusting of cilantro.  If you like spicy, sprinkle some chili or cayenne on top.  The vegetables help slow down sugar absorption from the mango.  This is a delightful way to start your day.  Click on the name above the photo to get the recipe

Rise and Shine with Raw Oatmeal

 rawoatmealIf you buy steel-cut oats, just soak them in filtered water before you go to bed, then run them in your blender in the morning.  Add any condiments and a bit of your favorite sweetener (we love maple syrup or coconut syrup) and fresh berries.  What’s nice about the Vitamix or Blendtec is that the motor goes so fast it will even heat the oatmeal if run long enough.  But you can also very gently heat in a pan on the stovetop, just not to boiling.  We don’t recommend microwaving as that destroys nutrients.

These are some great options for your raw breakfasts.  We now have a Facebook Group as a forum to share photos, recipes, Q & A and motivation.  You can visit this link and ask to join — we’d love to have you!

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