A Gift of Healing and Joy

It felt like Christmas in May the other day when I received my box of four essential oils from Aroma Foundry, a start-up essential oil company in Santa Barbara, California.  Knowing that I am a big fan of aromatherapy, a lovely young lady (Tania) in their Public Relations department asked me to choose 4 to test out and share my feedback.

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I’m not sure what my life would be like without essential oils (I feel that way about dogs, too :- )  In the dozen or so years that I was traveling to Asia monthly to train therapists, a variety of essential oils helped me to remain calm and healthy despite spending countless hours on germ-filled planes and hotel rooms.  I wrote extensively about my “love affair with lavender” and how aromatherapy makes “good scents” in a multitude of mental and physical and health-enhancing applications.   Although my favorite of all fragrances is Neroli (orange blossom flower), not a day goes by that I don’t use lavender oil in some way – either in my bath products, hand and body cream, diffusing or in natural home cleaning supplies.

Aroma Foundry sources all of their plants from native habitats, and from the USA whenever possible.  They bottle small, numbered batches of 100% undiluted therapeutic grade quality oils.  Here are some impressive stats from their website:

  • 100% Pure
  • All Natural
  • Unadulterated
  • Undiluted
  • No Chemicals
  • No Preservatives
  • Therapeutic Grade
  • Professional Aromatherapy Grade Hand Bottled
  • Numbered small batches
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Sourced from USA or Native Region

The 4 oils I chose were:  Lavender (of course!), Rosemary, Cedarwood and Bergamot (pictured above.)  Each oil comes packed in an attractive box (made of recycled materials) that kept the oils pristine (not exposed to excess temperatures or sun) and safe.

Their motto “capturing the essence of each plant” could not have been more true about the Rosemary oil!  It is the purest, truest, brightest rosemary that I have ever experienced.  Been diffusing it non-stop for the past few days.  Rosemary is very uplifting and good for concentration.

Regarding the Lavender;  The aroma kept unfolding – as if there were subtle notes at the top and the deepest at the core.  I don’t ever remember having that experience with an essential oil.  I’ve been obsessed with a certain brand of lavender (called “lavender vert”) by another company but this one is excellent.

Bergamot is another uplifting oil.  The Aroma Foundry one is very pleasant with more of a floral note than this citrus oil usually exhibits.  Makes a wonderful combination with the Rosemary in diffusing.   I am still thinking about how I want to use the Cedarwood so I don’t have feedback on that one yet.

There are so many effective ways to use essential oils – I do recommend you do some research – My “Good Scents” article is a great introduction.  Even a drop or two on a cotton pad, carried in a small container or plastic bag taken with you to the office or on a plane will either invigorate, refresh or relax you, depending on the oil and the intention.

We had a teleconference for students of the Natural Wellness Academy last year with guest speaker, Kac Young, a longtime friend and colleague.  I think that her book, The Healing Art of Essential Oils: A Guide to 50 Oils for Ritual, Remedy and Everyday Use (released just recently by Llewellyn Publications) is one of the best books I’ve ever encountered on the subject, so I am also giving her a shoutout.

Aroma Foundry sells their products both wholesale and retail.  They have lots of attractive sales offers on their website.  They have special promotions and giveaways that are announced on their website and Facebook page.   I am so glad that these oils have come into my life and I look forward to exploring more of their range.  I really admire their corporate culture and mission and appreciate their precious care and attention that aromatherapy richly deserves.

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