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New Specializations Curriculum
Certified by the International Hypnosis Federation

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You will receive Certification & Diplomas from both IHF and Dr. L J’s Natural Wellness Academy!

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Health and Wellness Specialist

Course Length: 75 hours
Prerequisites: Training in health-related field such as massage, reflexology, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, yoga, life coaching, personal trainers, nutraceuticals/supplements consultants (minimum 6 months)
Format: Online course (with teleconferences and workshop)

Synopsis: Specifically designed for health or healing arts professionals seeking to integrate wellness coaching into their practice or skillset. This certification can be completed fully online. There are monthly optional teleconferences and a 2-day hands-on training (see details below). Our Health and Wellness Specialty covers principles of Natural Wellness, Holistic Health Coaching, Detoxification Strategies, Raw Fusion Living and Wellness Chef as well as many tips, theories, techniques and tools.

Includes: Personal mentoring session with Dr. Rose via phone or Skype; access to all teleconferences and training videos


  • Raw Fusion Living: Recipes for Healthy Eating, Natural Weight Loss and Anti-Aging by LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D (included in tuition)
  • Many online sources and book excerpts also referenced (free)

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn a “food as medicine” approach to natural wellness.
  • Research the concept of bio-individuality by examining 30+ diet philosophies and comparing/contrasting their effectiveness and viability.
  • Experience the Raw Fusion Living philosophy and learn how to demonstrate healthy recipes.
  • Identify sources of inflammation in the body, including food allergies and sensitivities.
  • Discover sources of cravings, both physical and emotional and methods for effective releasing them.
  • Examine the process of digestion and assimilation of glucose and other foods.
  • Explore the benefits of detoxification and learn effective models for helping clients find the best detox program.
  • Define the major alimentary functions of macro- and micro-nutrients and identify their major food sources.
  • Analyze pH factor in foods and how acidity and alkalinity affect digestion and overall health.
  • Examine the effects of food choices on physical fitness and health.
  • Explore the pitfalls of nations’ food supply and how to distinguish sound nutritional data from unreliable nutritional information.
  • Construct a foundation for wellness nutrition based on current scientific research along with techniques for improving metabolism and healthy mobility.
  • Analyze the role of diet in causing and preventing various diseases, particularly chronic and obesity- diseases.
  • Recognize healthy diet and food choices, and explain why such choices will help prevent health problems.
  • Navigate mainstream supermarkets and health food stores and reading labels.
  • Develop coaching skills to be able to work with individuals and groups.

Introductory Pricing: just $1,295  (interest-free payment plans available)

Life Coach Supplement

Course Length: 75 hours
Format: Online course (with teleconferences and workshop)

Synopsis: For individuals who currently have training in Health and Wellness coaching or health practitioners who seek to enhance and expand their practice by offering tools and techniques for mind mastery, behavioral modification, life coaching strategies, subconscious suggestion and basic hypnotherapeutic skills.This certification can be completed fully online, with optional teleconferences and personal mentoring sessions. Students may also freely attend one of Dr. Rose’s 2 day hands-on workshops, offered throughout the year.This course can also be an adjunct module to graduates or candidates concurrently enrolled in the Health and Wellness Specialty.


  • Hands-On 2 Day Training Workshop with Dr. LJ: this is an optional event for all students of the Natural Wellness Academy. We will cover topics from all of the different modules, with an emphasis of Natural Wellness.
  • Recordings of the teleconferences and videos of the training will be available to all candidates.


  • Win Coaching Manual by Shelley Stockwell Nicholas
  • A Year of Positive Habits by LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D.
  • Additional online resources and book excerpts

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the Laws of the Mind and structure of the brain.
  • Formulate effective suggestions, scripts and affirmations for helping clients reinforce positive lifestyle habits and attitudes.
  • Design subconscious dynamics for stress management.
  • Analyze the dynamics a “neural hijacking” and how to prevent recurrences.
  • Recognize appropriate behavioral modifications and lifestyle approaches for different ages and populations.
  • Examine the source of cravings, compulsive behaviors and addictions withstrategies for mindfully dealing with them.
  • Practice effective tools such as focused listening, intuitive feedback and appreciative inquiry.
  • Tap into your own greater potential to be at the top of your profession.
  • Learn a wide variety of problem resolution strategies.
  • Research principles and application of energy balance.
  • Enhance your practice through powerful marketing tools and tactics.
  • Learn the essentials of the Raw Fusion Lifestyle, with preparation and sampling of a wide variety of nutritious delicious smoothies, snacks, salads, main meals and desserts.
  • Explore “Raw Fusion Solutions” – alternatives for your favorite comfort foods.
  • Blending, processing and dehydrating tips, techniques and tools.
  • Practice strategies to increase nutritional viability in meals.
  • Practice coaching dynamics and the coaching interview.
  • Training on subconscious structure and suggestion-building.
  • Experience a Wellness Workshop, an event that can be targeted to corporations, medical offices and facilities, associations and groups interested in healthy living and preventative care strategies.
  • Being able to demonstrate your services in a group setting will be an invaluable tool for building your practice and establishing your expertise.

Introductory Pricing: just $1495  (interest-free payment plans available)

Level  1 Hypnotherapy Training – Behavioral Modification



  • Your Mind: The Owner’s Manual by LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D.
  • The Wizard Within by Dr. A. M. Krasner (excerpts)
  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy (excerpts)

Topics Covered:

  • History of Hypnosis and Mesmerism
  • Structure of the Subconscious Mind
  • Laws of the Mind
  • Rules of Suggestion
  • Trance induction and deepening techniques
  • Self-talk Dynamics
  • Guided Imagery and Visualization Techniques
  • Basic Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Hypnotic States and Phenomena
  • Rapport-building Skills
  • Developing a Hypnotic Voice and Presence
  • Pain Control
  • Behavioral Modification for Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Habit Formation, Stress and Enhanced Performance

Learning Objective: Students will read through the texts and resources and respond to a series of Learning Experiences (essay questions, self-tests, exercises and assignments) to provide a basic grasp of the hypnotherapy principles listed above. All assignments will be submitted via an online portal or email to the instructor for personalized review and constructive feedback. Students will have a chance to deepen their understanding of how this material applies to their own life or practice with a telephone Skype sessions with the instructor and supervised assignments. Upon mastering these concepts the student should be able to compose and design self-therapies and suggestions for creating healthy habits, overcoming stress and negative behaviors, and enhancing their lifestyle.

Specific Targets:

  • Develop an understanding on the uses of self-hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy for improving a variety of life areas
  • Learn about the operation, structure and dynamics of your mind
  • Enhance imagination, creativity and intuition for greater success
  • Understand the dynamics of the various levels of mind: Conscious, Subconscious and SuperConscious
  • Change and neutralize negative behavioral patterns
  • Increase memory and concentration
  • Create suggestions and scripts for self-improvement, success and well-being
  • Cultivate a career of helping others through accessing the power of the mind
  • Improve your health and productivity


Advanced Certification: Clinical Hypnotherapist   Level 2

Course Length: 100 hours* (complete in 9-12 months)
Prerequisites: Basic hypnotherapy or equivalent
Format: Online course (plus 5 teleconferences)
Includes: Two personal mentoring sessions with Dr. Rose via phone or Skype


  • Unlock Your Mind and Be Free by Dr. Edgar Barnett
  • Time Travel: The Do-It-Yourself Past Life Journey Handbook by Shelley Lessin Stockwell
  • Parallel Lives: Exploring your quantum selves (e-book) by LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D.

Topics Covered:

  • Practice-building skills
  • The Intake Interview
  • Quantum Selves Therapy™
  • Hypno-Potential: Age Regression for Uncovering & Treating Trauma
  • Theories on Simultaneous Time, Collective Unconscious and Past Lives
  • Past & Future Life Regression
  • Ideomotor signals & Muscle Testing
  • Therapeutic Healing Modalities for Mind-Body-Spirit
  • NLP and Hypnotic Techniques for building self-esteem, overcoming phobias, depression, anxiety and trauma
  • Medical and Dental Hypnosi
  • Hypnosis for Psychosomatic Disorders

*Includes a 2-day compulsory hands-on workshop to practice regression and review a variety of theories and techniques. These will be scheduled 2-3 times a year in Tampa, Florida and eventually in other locations.

Learning Objectives: Students will read through the texts and resources and respond to a series of Learning Experiences (essay questions, self-tests, exercises and assignments) to provide a basic grasp of the hypnotherapy principles listed above. All assignments will be submitted via an online portal or email to the instructor for personalized review and constructive feedback. Students will have a chance to deepen their understanding of how this material applies to their own life or practice with a telephone Skype sessions with the instructor and supervised assignments.

In addition to a realization of the learning outcomes listed above, students will have the opportunity to certify in as a professional hypnotherapist by completion of this advanced program. Part I (50 hours course) focuses more on demystifying the science of hypnosis and acquainting the student with the valuable tools of accessing your own mind for activating more of your potential, preparing the student for applying these tools in order to assist others in behavioral modification and stress control. Part 2 (100 hours) expands the student’s repertoire through more advanced hypnotherapeutic techniques and prepares them to manage a clinical practice.

Specific Targets:

  • Become familiar with the widespread use of hypnotic techniques in the field of psychology, medicine, dentistry and alternative therapies
  • Release emotional trauma and reframe the past
  • Learn advanced strategies for hypnotic exploration
  • Overcome phobias, fears, addictive patterns and anxiety
  • Develop an understanding of the dynamics behind behavior and personality
  • Explore a variety of fascinating theories and techniques to add to your “Tool Kit”
  • Experience a variety of Mindset Mastery methods for healing mind, body and spirit
  • Perform age and past life regressions to uncover the source of debilitating trauma and persistent self-limiting behaviors and attitudes

Pric for Certified  Hypnotherapy Courses: $2,795.00  interest-free payment plans available

All courses certified by the International Hypnosis Federation.

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