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Careers in Natural Wellness

Offering the ONLY combination certification –
Holistic Health and Life Coaching!
Also offering training in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Business Marketing!

Become a World-Class
Holistic Health & Life Coach
in 9 Months!

World-renowned therapist and educator Dr. LindaJoy Rose will personally mentor you into a successful, knowledgeable Holistic Health and Life Coach. With over 25 years’ real-world experience and endorsed by the IHF, Dr. Rose offers effective training tailored to your needs. Plus, learn at your own pace with our flexible online e-learning platform.

150-hour online course with optional 2-day hands-on intensive takes 9-12 months to complete. Scroll down to learn more or view our detailed course description here. We also offer advanced courses for practicing professionals.
Find out about our other exciting courses here!

A Small Sampling of What You’ll Get…

Class Materials: Certificate and Textbooks

✔ FREE access to ALL of Dr. LJ’s wellness programs

✔ 4 MUST-HAVE textbooks + enhancing class materials

✔ CUSTOMIZED DIPLOMA + respected IHF-backed credential 

✔ Small classes = UNLIMITED personal support & guidance!

✔ 6+ WEBINARS + 1-ON-1 COACHING via Skype/phone

✔ 24/7 access to EXCLUSIVE student’s lounge

Student Lounge

Booming Industry = High-Income Career Opportunitie$

Dr. LJ Coach clients in healthy lifestyle & eating habits to meet their goals

Design long-lasting nutritional strategy for clients by engaging the subconscious mind

Counsel individuals with weight issues, lack of energy, or illness

Demo for vitamin, mineral and supplement distributors

Consult for corporate wellness centers (encouraged by the Affordable Healthcare Act)

Educate clients at weight loss centers

Lecture at schools, recreation centers, community centers seeking nutrition info

Provide group/individual training to staff and patients at medical facilities

“Dr. LJ’s is a way I can use my background and my passion for healthy eating to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Multi-Dimensional, Integrative Curriculum*

Natural Wellness Curriculum

Module 1: Body
“Food as Medicine”, A&P, labeling, disease prevention,
current research, pH, food supply, detoxification,
Bio-individuality philosophy

Module 2: Mind
Mind structure, subconscious dynamics, behavioral
change, habit reinforcement, controlling cravings

Module 3: Spirit
Energy balance, intuition, meditation,
setting intentions, Life Makeovers

Module 4: Coaching
Guiding clients, coaching relationships,
contracts, marketing, practice-building

Module 5: Workshop
Food demos, leading workshops, coaching practice

Module 6: Project
Concept mastery, explore & expand individual interests

No Other Program Can Offer Expertise & Value Like Dr. LJ’s

Other Certifications College Classes
Flexible online learning
Holistic wellness emphasis
Add’l life coaching skills expands earning potential
Comprehensive curriculum
One-on-one, personal guidance
Business/marketing tools
Low tuition rates
Interest-free financing
Final project ensures mastery
Led by respected expert
Hands-on workshop (optional)
Credential & personalized diploma
Learn to lead food demonstrations

Students Love Dr. LJ’s

Students from around the globe bring diverse perspectives to our program.
Click here to read their comments on aspects of the program.

J. W. in Canada says: “Dr. LJ has already influenced MY whole life with her “whole life approach” in her program and book.”

K. O. in the USA says: “I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THIS!!!”

S. G. in Ecuador says: “I was enthralled… incredible! Dr. LJ helps you transform your life! The recipes for mind, body, and spirit are extremely delicious and vitalizing!”

S. B. in New Zealand says: “So encouraging and informative! The progression of the topics created a good learning foundation of and the practice solidified the information.”

Already a Healing Arts Professional?

acupuncture-therapyBypass the basics and leverage your expertise to expand your practice with advanced courses from the Dr. LJ’s Natural Wellness Academy in areas such as life coaching, health and wellness, and hypnotherapy.

You get all of the benefits of our full-length programs — including flexibility, support, and access to our innovative online learning platform — while saving time and money as you pick and choose the courses that you need to help you help your clients.

Current courses include: Health and Wellness Specialist (75 hours), Life Coach Supplement (75 hours), Basic Hypnotherapy (50 hours), and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist (100 hours). See pricing and curriculum details here.

We’re now accepting applications from professionals with at least six months experience in massage, reflexology, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, yoga, life coaching, personal training, nutraceuticals, supplements, and related industries.

Contact us today to accelerate your education!