One-on-One Health Coaching


One-on-One Health Coaching

$99.95 $49.95

• Consult with a wellness professional
• Develop an individual plan of action
• Receive personalized guidance
• Troubleshoot a variety of lifestyle road bumps
• Highly recommended as a supplement to Dr. LJ’s courses and books
• Initial phone/Skype/email consultation + 3 follow-up emails
• Receive most responses in less than 24 hours!



Are you embarking on or seeking a new nutritional approach? Do you want to talk to somebody who’s “been there, done that?” Consulting with a wellness expert will enlighten and motivate you. The highly qualified health coaches at Dr. LJ’s Natural Wellness Academy are available year-round to answer your questions – and they typically respond in less than 24 hours!

Our coaches will evaluate your unique needs as an individual and provide you with the support and guidance to help catapult you to success. They can also review your food log to provide feedback on the best and most practical dietary practices for your lifestyle and situation.

Our coaches can help answer questions like these:

  • I’m having trouble _____. What are good strategies to overcome this?
  • Is it normal to _____ during a detox?
  • How can I relieve my detox symptom of _____?
  • How do you recommend dealing with a craving for _____?
  • My family said _____ about my detox. How can I bring them on board?

Your coaching session will include one phone call, Skype session, or email, plus up to 3 follow-up emails.

Please note that Dr. LJ and her staff are not medical doctors or registered dieticians and cannot answer questions that are related to medical conditions or symptoms.