LJ’s Raw Fusion Food Diary – January 5th

What I Ate Saturday Featuring Chia Berry Parfait and Sun Butter Carob Cups Morning water and green smoothie.  One of my favorite standards is “Green Fairy Lemonade” — ... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Cake to Live For + Raspberry Chia Coulis

A Raw, Vegan, Gluten- and Guilt-Free Dessert in 10 Minutes This is probably the most “demanded” of my demo dishes, along with Portobello Pesto Pizza.  Easy-to-prepare ... Continue Reading →

Green Smoothies – A Purist’s Perspective

GREAT SMOOTHIE RECIPES BELOW Whenever I start teaching at a new locale, my inaugural class is “Raw Foods 101” – teaching the basics of the raw foods/raw fusion lifestyle ... Continue Reading →

Raspberry Lime Salad

Dr. LJ demonstrates how to make Raspberry Lime Salad. See more of Dr. LJ’s videos at eHow.com. Continue Reading →