The Connection Between the Gut and the Mind – Teleconference

Optimal wellness begins in the Gut, which consists of all your digestive organs and systems.  Not only is the Gut responsible for gastrointestinal quality and digestion, it also has a direct effect on the mind. It is responsible for up to 90% of the body’s serotonin production, which is your “feel good” hormone!   More and more evidence connects an unhealthy gut to different forms of mental illness and behavioral disorders.

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Brittney Prendergast, CHC  Graduate of The Natural Wellness Academy, Author of Buddha Belly: A Mind-Body Approach to Health Starting with your Gut


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The Gut also determines the quality of the immune system, as it produces and feeds the very bacteria needed to either fight or enable disease. The gut environment of both beneficial and destructive bacteria is called the Microbiome.  Individuals with Gut permeability or “leaky gut” will experience a variety of mental, emotional and physical symptoms including those caused from malabsorption of nutrients as well as a laundry list of food intolerances.

These powerful factors are important to address especially for those seeking to make healthier lifestyle changes. Until the gut is healed properly and balanced, many attempts to make healthy dietary changes will fall short. However, once the gut is healed and improved, many individuals will experience tolerance to foods they once could not comfortably ingest — as well as an improved metabolism, adrenal function, easier weight loss, emotional well-being and more.

The understanding of the Gut and the Microbiome may be a very new science, but the results of those who have done the research and balanced their gut bacteria and functioning have experienced a powerful and noteworthy impact  Emerging evidence proves out the vital role the gut plays in our health can no longer be ignored.

Probiotics may be beneficial to rebuilding (re-seeding) the microbiome with beneficial bacteria.  Here is a review comparing and contrasting some of the best know probiotics available at health food stores or online.

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