Nut Milk Bags

Handmade in the USA, these high-quality durable bags — made of natural fibers with hemp twine ropes — work great for a number of tasty applications and will last for thousands of uses. Each bag comes with a care instruction page and delicious, nutritious recipes.  The one on the left is made of versatile nylon – very easy-to-use and clean — this nylon is not chemically-coated!  The one on the right is made of pure hemp fiber, pure and natural.   No healthy kitchen should be without one!

Reusable Nylon (Non-Chemical) Reusable 100% Natural Hemp
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Nut Milk Tips

The following information on nut milk and nut milk bags is excerpted with permission from Dr. LindaJoy Rose’s book, Raw Fusion: Better Living Through Living Foods (Quantum Mind Press, 2010).

Nut milk is one of the most delightful and versatile things I’ve learned to make! I use it in:

  • puddings
  • “cream” sauces
  • scrumptious superfood shakes
  • hot cocoa
  • poured over raw or cooked granola
  • plain as a refreshing, healthy, economical beverage

The pulp is great to use in scones, cookies and sweet breads—all raw and prepared in the dehydrator, or added to baked goods for raw fusion. Get more detailed info on nut milk and instructions on making it in the Soaking, Sprouting, and Nut Milks section.

Some high-end juicers will make nut milk, but for just a few dollars, you can get a mesh-style drawstring bag made of nylon, cotton or hemp that separates the blended milk from the pulp in just a few twists of the wrists. There are also makeshift ways of making nut milk—as I found out before producing our line of nut milk bags—but nothing as easy as the nut milk bag! These versatile items can be used for:

Sprouting. Germinate your nuts or seeds right in the bag, but make sure to rinse and drain up to three times a day to keep mold from forming on your sprouts. After use, make sure to wash thoroughly in hot water with a mild cleanser.

Ripening nut cheese. If you want more of a bite in your cheese, you can make a batch of any nut or seed cheese and place in bag, tighten the drawstring, and hang on a knob or handle in an area where you can place a dish or container to catch the liquid. After a few hours, you will get a stronger-tasting cheese. You can also add a capsule of vegan pro-biotic or a small amount of Rejuvelac (a fermented, health-boosting drink made from soaking and sprouting wheat berries). Check your cheese often as it can sometimes over-ripen and go bad.

Juice “feasting.” Make a green drink or smoothie with your blender and squeeze it through the mesh, thereby eliminating much of the fiber, so you have the benefits of fresh juice, but with some of the fiber. You can get juice this way if you only have a blender.

The whole family can get involved in making nut milk, so I strongly recommend having a nut milk bag in your raw fusion kitchen!